What are the benefits of HR shared services?

HR shared services


HR shared services is basically a delivery model that enables administrative HR activities to be concentrated into a centralized ‘hub’. HR shared services helps in organizing all HR activities into one HR operating model. It has a huge part in helping HR departments to deliver their services in a quicker and more effective way to the employees. HR consulting service, as a third party business, also helps companies with HR services such as making strategies and providing the right guidance for the organization. By enforcing HRSS, certain administrative HR activities can be shared amongst all business units. HRSS uses HR automation for analyzing the performance.

Different tiers of HRSS are:

  • Payroll of the employees.
  • Relocation of the employees.
  • Recruitment of employees.
  • Report and analysis.
  • Management of employee data.
  • Benefit administration.
  • Leave administration.
  • HRIS
  • Learning and development

How is it beneficial for your business?

Advanced HR strategies:

HR shared services is fundamentally implemented to divide up responsibilities. It helps in freeing up the more efficient HR professionals and they concentrate on more complicated tasks such as planning and strategy making for the growth of the company. HR shared services makes HR professionals become the true business partner of the company they work for.

Increased growth and productivity of the company:

HRSS gives clear responsibilities to the HR professionals. This leads to operational excellence. In addition to improved HR services, operational excellence also affects employee experience in a positive way. All these are necessary steps in ensuring the overall performance and growth of the company.

Improved employee experience:

With HRSS employees get their queries answered quicker and solutions to their problems faster. Employee requests also get fulfilled. This impacts their overall employee experience in a positive way. Employees also maintain positive interaction and relation with the HR. having a good relation between the HR professionals and the employees makes the overall work environment a positive place. Employees expect systems to meet their expectations. Incase there is a gap between employee expectation and employee experience, it leads to employee frustration. HRSS aims to combat this issue.

Cost reduction:

Having an HRSS can help company in cost reduction. With HRSS HR professionals with less experience can also take care of transactional HR services. As a result, this helps in saving labor costs. Also, the services that are handles by streamlining also helps in cost reduction.


With the help of HRSS, HR matters get resolved in a systematic and consistent way. Rules and regulations are obeyed with an improved compliance. Therefore, this helps the company hugely in mitigating any sort of risks.


As businesses continue to expand HR shared services makes sure the strategies are being followed in the same manner. For example, when it comes to recruiting new employees, following the HR shared service will ensure new employees are being hired with the same standards and expertise as previous employees or co-workers.

Development and maintenance of talent pool:

With all the tasks being taken care of in an organized way, the HR professionals can now focus entirely on recruiting and building an intelligent talent pool. This impacts the company and business positively. When the company takes care of the talent development process, it automatically improves engagement and maintains talent pool.

Tackling redundancy:

With the growth of the company, HR professionals also face growth in redundancy in their department. Examples of such redundancy in tasks are when HR professionals handle the same task using different software, or when the work is duplicated over numerous employees. Therefore, these tasks and software need to be consolidated under a single HRSS team. This will increase the productivity of the company. Also, it will help with cost cutting.

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Although, hiring an HR consulting service is not the only correct way of handling business, it is definitely a smarter choice if it suits your business. It is the responsibility of HR to figure out the most strategic and cost-effective way of maintaining business. An HRSS strategy helps the company to attain its desired goal.

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