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Skill shortages in IT: Everything you need to know.

Skill shortages in IT

IT talent shortage is when companies struggle to find employees with the right IT skills to meet their business needs. According to data, about 90% of companies are facing this issue right now. Korn Ferry’s global analysis shows that 4.3 million tech jobs will be left vacant due to talent shortage by the year 2030. […]

Define the Remote Work Revolution. How General Staffing is Embracing Flexible Work Arrangement

Remote Work Revolution

Understanding the Remote Work Revolution Remote work is a flexible work arrangement where companies allow their employees to work from remote locations. In a remote work arrangement, employees are not bound by companies to work from a conventional office environment. Remote workers have the freedom and flexibility to work from any location based on their preferences. […]

Talent Acquisition vs Recruitment

IT Staffing Firm

Both talent acquisition and recruitment are procedures undertaken by all companies and organizations to hire employees. Although both procedures aim at hiring candidates, there are major differences between the two in terms of their goals and approaches. Recruitment: It is basically a process through which talented candidates are hired to fill employee vacancies in a […]

What are the benefits of HR shared services?

HR shared services

WHAT IS HR SHARED SERVICES? A BRIEF IDEA HR shared services is basically a delivery model that enables administrative HR activities to be concentrated into a centralized ‘hub’. HR shared services helps in organizing all HR activities into one HR operating model. It has a huge part in helping HR departments to deliver their services […]

Difference between Contract Staffing and Direct Staffing

Difference between Contract Staffing and Direct Staffing

Human resources management may seem easy to everyone, but it is very complicated to understand the concept of human resources in depth. There is a lot of stuff that HR has to go through on a daily basis. HR is also regarded as the most challenging job, and in this scenario where youth lack skills […]

Boost business working with Specialist HR Consultants

HR Consultants

Human resources are crucial for all organizations, as they help businesses attract and hire the best talent across the world. The HR Department, which is efficient, helps businesses provide the right talent at the right time. Businesses that are new or medium-sized find hiring an HR department a scary task. Because it involves a lot […]

Top 5 Hiring Challenges Faced by Recruitment Agencies

Hiring Challenges Faced by Recruitment Agencies

Recruiters confront a number of difficulties as we transition to a new normal after the epidemic. Recruiters had to deal with changing expectations and recruiting obstacles in the process of hiring and selecting candidates even before the COVID-19 epidemic shook our society. A crowded market makes it difficult for businesses to stand out, a younger […]

Sourcing v/s recruiting: What’s the difference?

Sourcing n recruiting

Getting the appropriate people into the right jobs at the right time is a crucial component of the system, regardless of whether your company is a major, global corporation with a staffed recruiting department or a smaller organization with only one person handling the whole recruitment process. In terms of their core functions, sourcing and […]

Recruitment & Staffing Market 2023 Size, trends & Industry Future Growth

Recruitment & Staffing Market

As the new year begins, the employment market is still changing, and hiring executives are adjusting to new trends in recruiting in order to draw in the finest candidates. To assist our customers in finding top talent in even the most difficult sectors, Wroffy Consulting understands how critical it is to keep current on industry […]

10 Staffing Industry Trends and Challenges

Staffing Industry

Regardless of the kind of business you have started, you unquestionably want things to go well, and you want to succeed in the field you have chosen. You’ll first need to ensure that you’re setting up your business correctly in order to be able to aim for that achievement. You’ll need to stay informed about […]