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Both talent acquisition and recruitment are procedures undertaken by all companies and organizations to hire employees. Although both procedures aim at hiring candidates, there are major differences between the two in terms of their goals and approaches.

Recruitment: It is basically a process through which talented candidates are hired to fill employee vacancies in a company. Recruitment processes take place in layers. The first step of recruitment involves attracting candidates, then comes screening and evaluating. The last step is the selection of the right candidates who will suit the employee criteria perfectly. Its main motive is to fulfil the current need of the company. It is a short-term goal.

Talent acquisition: Talent acquisition or talent recruitment is a process of hiring and attracting the best talent, for example, finding executives, leaders, and managers for a company. These positions will have a huge role in securing the business as well as expanding it in the long run. It’s not just about filling the current vacancy; it goes one step deeper. Talent acquisition is about finding the right talent who will fit in perfectly within the company and stay there for longer periods of time. In this way, it ensures employee retention.


      Talent acquisition

It has a short-term goal of filling immediate vacancies. It is an ongoing process of finding the right talent who will take care of the company in the future.
It is a reactive approach It is a proactive approach
It usually looks for entry level employees. It’s a strategic and systematic process for hard-to-fill positions.
Its metrics are- time taken-to-hire and cost-per-employee. Its metric are retention and quality-of-hire.
This is an aggressive process This one is a more thoughtful process
It seeks employees. It seeks leaders and experts


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Conclusion: Which one is more beneficial for your business?

For any business to sustain and succeed in the long run, both recruitment and talent acquisition strategies need to be implemented. However, if you are drawing a comparison between these two processes, talent acquisition is no doubt the more valuable one. Talent acquisition is an investment. Its goal is to ensure future growth and security. But it does not in any way take away or reduce the relevance of recruitment.

Talent recruitment can be done for any position, as long as it’s adding value to the company. Different hiring processes are required at different phases of business. When the company lacks manpower, it will require urgent hiring of employees. This is when you focus more on recruitment. While talent acquisition focuses more on a company’s long-term goals.

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